"My shop was miserable and I dreaded going out there.  I would put off things I really wanted and needed to accomplish but could not muster the effort to open the door to an oven.  
That's all changed now!  Mini Split Guys installed a two ton system in my shop and I am amazed at how fast it makes my 650sq foot shop feel comfortable and how little my electric bill went up.  
These guys are legit and showed up on time, were done before they said they would be and did a very professional installation.  
I have recommended them to several of my friends who now have comfortable Man Caves!" 

David S.  Peoria

​My wife and I live alone in a 4 bedroom house in Scottdale and I called Mini Split Guys up to change out my 3.5 ton roof mounted heat pump. 
They suggested leaving the old heat up there (it was running, just old) and install a 1 ton unit in our family room and one in the master bedroom.  
I cannot tell you how much my wife and I love these!  They make less noise than a ceiling fan and the air sweep option which gently wafts air across the bed every minute can't be described in words!  "Amazing" comes to mind actually.  
Now we have the 3.5 ton which used to cool the kitchen/family room turned off and the 2.5 ton that was cooling three empty bedrooms also turned off.  My APS bill went down 65%!  

Scott S.  Scottsdale

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"My workout room was so hot I didn't want to go in there during the summer.  I would have to crank down my 4 ton heat pump and close off other rooms to get the comfort I wanted.  
I called several companes for solutions and got prices all over the board. 

One call from the Mini Split guys, a 15 minute explanation of how it was going to be installed and the next day I had the comfort I was missing. 
They were much less cost than several other quotes and I've had and were well stocked, professional and experienced.  I've recommended them to friends and family."
​Barry N.

"For our complete remodel on our 4500sq foot home we chose Mini Split Guys to design and implement a complete make over.  
We used to have 11 tons of cooling and now we have 6.5 tons of ductless systems.  
My SRP bill went from $510 in June down to $173 the following year same month!  
Not only that, with all 11 tons going at the same time we could not get the house below 79F and the units never shut off on a hot day.  
Mini Split Guys worked well with the other trades and their quote was reasonable and done on time."  
Jerry M.  Scottsdale

        602 867 3176

"We were in the market for two new rooftop heat pumps for our Phoenix home.
When the energy auditor arrived at our home (on time) and began talking about the futility of running 55F degree air through ducts located in a 140F attic and the associated losses ​I was all ears.  Our summer APS bills have been going up over $400 and I thought new heat pumps were the answer.  
After several days of planning, Mini Split Guys came back with a proposal that made sense, allowed for zoning of every room and now a year later has proven to be one of the best investments I've ever made in my home.  The house is now quiet, comfortable and my APS bills are 50% lower than last year."
​Neil G.   

"I was running a 3.5 ton system just to cool a room I was using as my home office.  I always winced when I turned that big noisy thing on and watching the lights dim from the power surge.  
Now instead of running over three tons to cool empty rooms I reach for the remote, push the on button and my office with a 3/4 ton system is cold in minutes!  Best investment I ever made.  Not only has my utility bill gone down I don't have to listen to that noisy thing on the roof anymore.

Mini Split guys were very helpful in the initial installation and were very knowledgeable and talked me out of a 1 ton unit like the other companies I called.  
I''m having three more installed!"  
​Jim A.  Phoenix

"We had Mini Split guys install a 1 ton unit in our family room and the effect was immediate and most welcomed!  
Then we realized the two of us were running our big unit to keep the master bedroom cool!  
We had them come back out and install another 1 ton in our master bedroom!   Now we are only cooling the rooms we are in.  The effect on my APS bill was close to a 50% reduction!"
Nick S. Sun City West