Our installers are trained, experienced and will make certain your system is installed right the first time
We have systems running 24 years that have never needed an ounce of Freon or needed a part. 
  No hidden "extras" or "uh oh's" with the installation. If something is going to cost more like block wall, long electrical run, two story, etc, you will be given a firm cost for that challenge before the installation, not after.

​This comes with experience. 


 Here you can see the impact of running a unit that is 700 watts vs a roof mounted heat pump sitting in the sun that uses 8500 watts.  

The biggest benefit (aside from no losses) is being able to zone an area for comfort.  Many of our clients who live alone or a couple follow our suggestion of installing a 1 ton unit in the main living area and a 3/4 ton unit in the master bedroom.  

For eight hours you will sleep in comfort you have never had before while not cooling the rest of the house.  
The eight hours you are not in the master bedroom you are only using 700 watts to cool the main living area.  
The graph at the left is the result of this decision.   There are no energy upgrades that can halve your energy bill while providing you more comfort.  
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Ductless mini splits are simple to maintain with easy to remove washable filters.  Just remove, rinse them off, and reinstall. 

One of the benefits of not blowing air through ducts is dust.  Mini splits do not add dust to a home because there are no air ducts where dust settles into.  The smallest leak in a return duct, return box or filter box is drawing in attic insulation and in most cases this means fiberglass is being blown into the air you are breathing.

This is the perfect solution for people who are challenged with Asthma or respiratory issues and can be written off as a medical necessity. 

Healthy air and 25 SEER efficiency.  When do you want one?   Just add solar!