5 May 2013

LG unit with underground line set and electrical.

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Why Ductless?

25 September 2000​3/4 ton mini split heat pump over bookcases

"I was very skeptical of the claims about what 1 ton of cooling could do.  There is a 5 ton unit on my roof now and I had Mini Split Guys install a 1 ton heat pump in the living room.  There is so much cooling from that one little unit it cools everything but the farthest bedrooms.  
It really is amazing!  This has cut my APS bill in half and I have more comfort!  

I want another one in the master bedroom!


Kent H. Phoenix

01 January 2016

2 ton a/c only unit for a custom car shop. 

What Clients Say About Us

We have been installing ductless systems in residences, offices, garages, shops and outbuildings for 20 years.  
We are licensed, bonded and insured HVAC company and enjoy an A+ rating with the BBB and preferred vendor Yelp and Angie's List. 


Imagine a black hose out in the sun.  What do you get when you turn the water on?  Hot water.  The same thing is happening every time your a/c cycles except it's hot air from the ducts.  
With a ductless system you get 100% of what you pay for comfort because there are no losses. 

Whatever your needs, be it increased comfort, lower energy bills, or both, we have the answer. 
We carry all brands and offer several solutions in our proposal. You can choose from a variety of options like warranty, SEER ratings and capacity.  
We also offer energy auditing as one of our services and are BPI Certified and members of the US Green Building Council.  
Reach out to us for any HVAC or energy conservation needs.


Here in Phoenix we have "Time of Use" rates where between noon and 7pm the power is more expensive. 
We have been able to turn off our big unit and rely on the mini split to provide comfort during the expensive on peak hours.  

The impact on our energy bill? Down 53%!!  Every house should have one of these! 


G. Miller, Mesa