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LG unit with underground line set and electrical.

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1 ton mini split heat pump over bookcases

"I was very skeptical of the claims about what 1 ton of cooling could do.  There is a 5 ton unit on my roof now and I had Mini Split Guys install a 1 ton heat pump in the living room.  There is so much cooling from that one little unit it cools everything but the farthest bedrooms.  
It really is amazing!  This has cut my APS bill in half and I have more comfort!  

I want another one in the master bedroom!


Kent H. Phoenix

In Steel Building

2 ton a/c only unit for a custom car shop. 

Because you can zone (heat and cool) only the rooms you are in.  Can you really afford to keep rooms not being used at 78F?  It wastes money and energy. 
Install one in your master bedroom and one in your main living area and then turn on one or the other.  700 Watts vs 8,000 Watts.  Lower demand charges as well.  
Never add Freon or parts if they are installed correctly. 


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Here in Phoenix we have "Time of Use" rates where between noon and 7pm the power is more expensive. 
We have been able to turn off our big unit and rely on the mini split to provide comfort during the expensive on peak hours.  

The impact on our energy bill? Down 53%!!  Every house should have one of these! 


G. Miller, Mesa


Ductless mini splits are basically a computer controlled comfort system with no ducts and none of the related losses associated with ducts. 

Every dollar you spend on comfort you get back with quiet, efficient and healthy air at a fraction of the cost of a ducted system.

If you are need of a new rooftop or split system for your home or business ask us for a free estimate on upgrading to a ductless system.  
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We specialize in hotels, multi-family and restaurants looking to slash energy costs.